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90% of what I offer is free for you. If you like my free stuff, what I sell will help you even more. A portion of all sales go to a charity that helps create a healthy and sustainable earth. Clothing and supplement line coming soon!

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I’m Ambia, a new mom to the best gift God ever gave me, wife to an amazing husband, entrepreneur, actress, health coach, dreamer, & passionately driven to help you get into the body and life you’ve always wanted.

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"In just 3 months, Ambia has changed my attitude towards my health and fitness goals completely. Since working together I have stopped stepping on the scale or counting calories, and focused on eating food and doing workouts that make me feel happy, confident, and healthy! I was blown away by the difference I saw in my before and after picture. All together I lost over 6" in my chest, waist, and hips and saw much less bloating overall.

Thank you so much! I really hope to work together again soon"

- Kristen, Orange County


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The Body Guide Coach

With the Body Guide Coach you get personalized 6 week online coaching with Ambia Phelan. You get full access to ask her questions, get feedback, help with changes or special situations, plus weekly videos and motivation to help you stay accountable and get the success you want. Only offered 3 times a year, next one starts September 3rd. …

The Body Guide

Step away from fad diets and create a healthy lifestyle for yourself you can be happy with. A 4 week online nutrition program that does more than just nutrition, it helps in other aspects of your life. When you feel healthy, you are able to do more, be more, grow into the person you need to be to accomplish …


Leg Day at the Gym

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