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Woman & Patriot

I am writing to you today as a mother, as a woman, and as a proud patriot of these United States…or at least, we used to be united. Now I’m not quite sure where we stand. There is much talk around the reversal of Roe vs. Wade and as much as it breaks my heart and enrages me to the point of tears, it is not about what everyone is thinking it is about.

Since the dawn of time, women have ALWAYS had the right to choose. A couple of men (and one a-hole lady) signing their signature on a piece of paper will not change this. It is a woman’s birthright to give birth, or not to, based on her perception on if an environment is fit to hold new life. We have always had abortion, it became famous in the 60’s and 70’s because of the horrific ways women went about it by using wire hangers; but in past centuries we have used herbs, physicality’s, and other methods to abort a pregnancy if we saw it unfit physically or if we, the woman, were not emotionally, mentally, or spiritually stable to have a child. We are the only ones with the right to do this, because it is up to us to bear the future.

There is a lot that goes into having a child. It is not as black and white as many might think. Women go through a transformation with every pregnancy. Our hormones go on a roller coaster ride, our bodies become an oven and not our own, our brains shrink (literally) and every ounce of what we were becomes somethings else, something foreign that we must become re-aquatinted with. Giving birth, even in todays advanced society, comes with risk and the aftermath is overwhelming to say the least. It is a beautiful blessing from God, but it doesn’t come without its consequences.

Speaking of God (if you’d like to get biblical about the point) we all know with God and Jesus we have always had a choice about everything we do, it’s called freewill. To reiterate the notion that there’s always been abortion in the world, let’s look at a dominate woman figure in the bible, Mary Magdalene. Mary’s profession was prostitution, one of the first professions a woman was “allowed” to have. Although her profession should have led her to having multiple babies, she only was said to have a child after Jesus died. They must have had great condoms back in the day if she never became pregnant from one of her clients. How else do you think she stayed without child for the many years she was a prostitute? Things that make you go hmmm….

So we know abortion isn’t the issue since abortion has been a part of a woman’s life since the dawn of time. If it’s not an abortion issue then what is the issue?

There has been a common theme in media within the past couple of years and it looks like this:

  • Are you Republican or democrat?
  • Are you vaxxed or not vaxxed?
  • Are you privileged or under privileged?
  • Are you pro police or not?
  • are you pro gun or against them?
  • are you pro life or pro choice?

“A house divided amongst themselves will surely fall”

It seems our government, media, or them (whatever you want to call it) are doing their best to separate us. Their goal is to create a distinguished rift between the people and they are doing a damn good job at it. They hit on pain points, emotional triggers, religion, thought, art, and are threading it through to even our young people. Media, which used to be used as a type of truth and to keep politicians honest, has become the enemy. They no long seek the truth but provide fake truths to feed us lies and direct our eyes to what they want us to see.

What they want us to see is a delusion so they can do whatever they wish behind the curtains while we fight amongst ourselves on whether the states believe a woman has the right to her body as a citizen of this country. Or if a black American has the privileges as his/her fellow man, or if the American parent has a right to say no for their child to get vaccinated with a substance we know nothing about (because they don’t have to tell us anything about it for another 75 years). All of these questions have obvious truths, so why are we fighting so hard about it?


Please, for the love of this country, we must ban together, take care of one another, fight FOR us the people and not against us. Stop fighting each other because we’re giving them what they want; A nation divided. A united states is strong, we conquer our foes when we are strong, and them laying it on thick right now means they are scared. Scared of you and me joining together. Why? That is the question you should be asking yourself, not if we believe a woman should have a choice over her body because we all already know that answer.

Okay, vent over. Thank you for reading and feel free to comment your ideas as well. Much love to you America, always love.

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