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Should you take supplements?

I’ve received a lot of questions lately on the topic of supplements and which ones I use personally. It is a great topic for discussion, especially in today’s world of what seems like a diet full of pills. In this post I will be explaining my personal dislike for supplements and why, but I’m also going to contradict myself in saying I take certain supplements daily. The ones I take I stand behind 100% and have become an ambassador or distributor for most of them because I believe in them so much.


Let me explain.


I’ll start with why I’m not a big fan of supplements as a whole. There are two big reasons and they are:


Many supplement companies lack integrity and you never really know which supplements have what they say they do on their labels unless you do the research yourself because supplements are not regulated by the FDA or any other regulating corporation.

  • For example, you and I could make a protein powder, slap a label on it, and sell it to a GNC without any big loopholes to jump through. Yes, there are third parties that can be paid to regulate, but that’s only if the company wants their supplement to be regulated, but many do not do this.


Many of the benefits that you’re seeking from the supplements and vitamins you take can all be found in food you can eat… WHAAAT? You say. Yes, if you eat a healthy, wholesome diet full of leafy greens, colorful fruits, and lean proteins you don’t need supplements because your food provides you with them.

Ever heard the phrase:

There’s a reason for it.

Granted, our wheat and produce aren’t what grandma used to use but if you are purchasing in season produce and buying organic when you can (sometimes it can be pricy) you will get the nutrients you need for a balanced diet.

Now here is where I contradict myself.

I do take supplements.



Some I take daily, others I take when I have a heavy training day.


 Prenatal Vitamins (generic Target brand)

I take these daily because Josh and I are trying to have another baby soon and you are suppose to take prenatal’s up to 3 months prior to trying. Gentlemen, I wouldn’t recommend this one for you.

əˈfekt CBD

CBD derives from the hemp plant, the cousin plant of marijuana. Although it has been researched to have so many amazing health benefits it has been given a bad rep from it’s family name (anyone else have this problem?) CBD allows me to have better training sessions, decreasing my inflammation and keeps me ready for another day of hard lifting.


It also helps with aches and pains so I’m able to hike, run after my 1 year old, snowboard, and climb without the minor pains I used to feel in my knees, hips, and other joints on occasion. əˈfekt CBD specifically has no THC in it (you don’t get high) and it is grown from organically grown hemp in Colorado. I know where it’s from, what’s in it, and it just tastes better than other brands. I like it so much I became an ambassador for them because I believe in the product.

If you want to learn more you can visit the website by CLICKING HERE. Use the code AMBIAFITNESS10 and get 10% off your first order to check it out.


The only supplement I take regularly for training is Catalyst. It’s a BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acid) that are already produced naturally in your body. I take catalyst because when you first workout your body takes from the best nutrient source available (your muscles) before it moves on to your fat. A great analogy for this effect is Catalyst essentially shrink wraps your muscles so your body takes from the BCAA then moves to the fat cells. It saves your muscles while taking the energy from your fat. This way, you keep your muscles, and just lose the fat.

I don’t know about you, but I’m down with that.

I use Advocare’s brand called Catalyst because I’ve done my research and trust in the brand. There are other good brands out there, you just need to do the research to make sure they are legit and not just selling you the placebo pill. I like and trust them so much I’ve been taking their products for over 8 years and even became a distributor to get the discount on products. Their Spark (I love as well) is a great pre-workout and provides clear mental focus, without the jitters.


The only other supplement I would say is good but I don’t take daily is Collagen. There are many health benefits from collagen, especially as you get older. Or if you prefer, you can also receive the benefits of collagen by making your own homemade bone-broth based soups, plus you’ll know everything that’s in it. The supplement is just easier to take because it requires no cooking.


Now obviously, there are exceptions to everything. If you don’t eat fish then it may be good to take an omega fatty acid vitamin to make sure you’re getting the healthy fats you need for example.


But let me ask you: If you are taking supplements, why? If it’s to be healthier, why don’t you just eat healthy food instead of popping a bunch of pills every day. You’ll feel better in the long run, and your future self will thank you.


**I hope this post has helped and of course, I’m always open to discussion on this topic. Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts. Also, if you know someone who you think would like this read, please feel free to share and pass it along to them.



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