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A source of power

Your mind is a powerful source for you to use in creating the life and body you've always wanted. When you create an idea or thought in your mind you are also creating it in the world. When that thought or idea is acted upon it becomes more and more powerful.

As an example: look around you for a second. Everything you see was once just an idea that popped in someones head. That idea, once acted upon, became something more. The same is true and can happen for you and your mind.

A Word of Caution

The most important thing you must remember though is you are in control of your thoughts, not the other way around. Sometimes it doesn't seem this way when life throws a curve ball at you or your spiral down a dark path. What you feed your mind ultimately becomes your reality. To help make sure you are feeding your mind the correct fuel, I've highlighted some exercises and ways to create a healthy, productive mind.

Creating a healthy mind

When you are in a positive mental state anything is possible. You are at a peak in creativity and productivity. The opposite is true when you are in a survival state. Your focus narrows and you frequently only see the problem, not your way out. When this survival state happens, here are the first 3 steps to take.

Step 1

Stop & Breath

Ideally you would take a day or weekend to get away from your normal life. If this is not possible create some space for you to take a mental break. Go to a park or somewhere outside and allow yourself to breath and sit with yourself. The problems and issues you are facing can wait for you to catch your breath.

Step 2

Assess & Write

Assess and write everything that comes to mind on a piece of paper to get it out of your head. Don't hinder your thoughts, let them flow freely, not fearing what will come out.

After you feel you have written everything out, start writing ideas on how you can fix your current issues. Again, don't hinder your thoughts but write freely and fearlessly while you let your mind do it's job and find solutions to your problems.

Step 3

Feed & Choose

This is a two step part. After you have written a ll your ideas, set your paper down and go feed your mind something good. Whether its a motivational movie like The Bucket List of The Pursuit of Happyness, a podcast, a good book, or listen to a positive song.

Then go back to your list, cross off any illegal ideas like robbing a bank, add anything else that may come to mind from feeding your mind, and then make an executive decision on what your next step is. Then, pursue with purpose and confidence.

Next Steps...

In order to keep a healthy mind you need to feed it often. Go to my list of other tips and ways to help create a healthy mindful state so you can go out and change your world