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Diet & Exercise

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Our Approach

The first step to achieving higher dreams is taking care of yourself. That includes the food you put into your body and the way you use that fuel. With the proper nutrition and activity you feel good on the inside, which reflects your outside world.

How this page works

Below are some of the top ways you can create a healthier lifestyle for yourself using food and movement as your tools.

There are hundreds of diets, types of workouts, and endless information on it all out there but only one you. Your body will react differently to different foods and movements than others around you. With that said...take what you feel is good for you and your body and leave the rest.

Here you'll find diet tricks and tips, free recipes, meal prep help, and an excuse to eat chocolate 😉

working out can be anything from going for a walk, doing a 15 minute workout at home, taking a fun new class, or anything else that gets you moving.

Completely underrated and more important than the workout itself, resting your body is a key component to true health.

Workout equipment I use

Most of my workout videos and tutorials are body weight workouts but when I do use equipment it is from one of these sites. These are the best I've found for a great cost.

*I do get a small commission from you purchasing from these sites but I would recommend these brands even if I didn't. I've been using them for years.*