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7 signs telling you to take a chill pill

The human body is the most beautiful thing on earth. It’s complex, graceful, strong, agile, resilient, and it’s regenerative abilities are incredible…if they are given the chance.


In order for our bodies to do all these we need to take care of them. Without proper care they get weak, painful, injured, and frail. One of the most common ways to take care of our bodies is exercise and movement, but how much of its counter part do you do a week?

For example: stretching, getting a massage, foam rolling, and sleep.

Adding recovery into your weekly routine of exercise is the same as making sure you work both sides of the muscles in your body (IE back and chest, quads and hamstrings, biceps and triceps) to create balance.

You NEED the Yin with the Yang to keep balanced and whole.

I see so many people burning themselves out by working out 12 days in a row or more without a break. I use working out as an example but it is in all things. Work, relationships, being a parent even. You need a break from all things time to time.

PS: I’m not saying stay away from your kids for a week. However, what I AM saying is get a babysitter for a night and go out to dinner with the spouse.

In case you are not aware of when you need some Yin in your life, I highlighted some tell tale signs you are in need of some…space.

  • you are irritable…at everything. Even the fly in your house.
  • you have random small pains in your joints and muscles for no reason.
  • you find yourself holding your breath while doing a task.
  • your hair is falling out…like a lot.
  • your skin is breaking out like you’re in high school again.
  • you have zero energy to do anything.
  • no matter how hard you try to think all your brain is showing you is a big blur.

Stop right now before reading on and close your eyes. Asses your body and see if there are any areas you are keeping tense or feel pain. Let your shoulders drop into your body, loosen your jaw, feel the part between your eyebrows relax, take deep inhale through your nose, hold it for a moment, then release it all out your mouth…..feel better?

If you’re running on no steam or frustrated with well, everything…go outside and take a walk. Take another deep breath, and if you can, take some time for you and take the phrase “take a chill pill” to heart. look on your calendar and plan a day or hour this week for you to unwind.

Most importantly…don’t feel guilty for relaxing and doing nothing. That’s a major problem with America these days, we think it’s bad to take a day off.

We really need to take a lesson from the Italians on this topic and do as they do. Their belief in the art of doing nothing is part of their culture and consider it part of the sweet life. Or as they say it:


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