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5 Easy Tips to Keeping Your New Years Health Resolution

It’s all a big joke to everyone.

The new year comes and everyone says they have a new years resolution of losing weight, finally getting in shape, and committing to their goals this year.

Then February rolls around and you get asked how that resolution is going.

“yea…I’ll start that next month.” or “Oh, I meant I was going to do that NEXT YEAR!” lol

The gyms start out packed with new people wanting to lose the weight and quickly realize it’s not going away after a week or two so they stop. The gyms go back to normal somewhere between the end of January to early February.

Well, I’m going to ask you the same thing. It’s the end of February now, How are those health goals coming?

Good? Not so good?

What if I told you there was an easier way to keeping your health resolution?

What if I said it didn’t include going to over crowded gyms or eating nothing but spinach for 3 months?

Would you listen?

If you said yes and would love to stick to your commitment to yourself then I have a video for you.

In this video I talk about 5 EASY steps (yes, they really are easy) to helping you lose weight and keep to your goals this year with less hassle. Let’s not wait another year, let’s start now. Sound good?


One more tip for you just because you’re awesome and deserve it.

Tip #6: Get A Carrot

What that means is find something to hang over your head for motivation. Maybe its an upcoming vacation that requires a bathing suit, or pull out that old pair of jeans you’d love to fit into again where you can see them daily, or sign up for a race. Something that will motivate you not to give up on a bad day.


My carrot is a Spartan Race I signed for in December. That gives me approximately 4.5 months post baby to get back in shape. YIKES!

What’s your carrot going to be? If you’d like a little extra accountability comment below or on my Youtube channel what your carrot will be for you. A little social pressure is good to keep you going too.

Can’t wait to hear from you and let’s keep those goals to ourselves together!

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